"For me, the best films are told with as little dialogue
as possible. That's when a
movie can transcend the barriers of language and culture,
reaching audiences on an emotionally instinctual
or 'human' level."

- Tim Stabers, Director


DREAM OF ME portrays the journey of Albus Corona, a
new-age soldier with an old
world sensibility, as he makes
his best effort to survive what is left of the world he once new.
Together with his audible
interface guidance system,
DOT, he navigates a post world war galaxy far away from
what we know.



Tim Stabers as CORONA

Darby Gaëlle as WENDY

Jessica Wade as 'DOT'

Screenplay, Direction, Cinematography, Editing,
Sound, Production Design,
Color, Hair, Make-Up, Costume Design, Special Effects, Sound Recording, & Animation by

Tim Stabers

Distribution by
Common Era Films



BUSINESS INQUIRIES: info@commonerafilms.com



Tim Stabers is an American filmmaker. Born and raised in
New Hampshire, Tim grew up creating videos and films with friends (as there wasn't much
else to do living in the woods). Falling in love with the films of classical Hollywood cinema,
Tim draws much of his
inspiration and style from those filmmakers whom "wrote the rules." He studied media
production and marketing at Quinnipiac University and
has since had a career in which he's worked in advertising,
fashion, photography and
studied virtually every creative
and technical department in
the film industry.

He also did stand-up a few times.


Darby Gaëlle grew up in the Midwestern United States and
is of Irish, French, and Eastern European decent. She studied
at the Maggie Flanigan Meisner Studio for two and a half years
in New York City.

Upon graduation, she performed
in many off broadway classical
and contemporary productions,
as well as some television. She also wrote and produced original work in the city. A year ago, after deciding to focus more on film
and television, she relocated to Los Angeles where she
currently resides.


Jessica Wade was born and raised in upstate New York. A graduate of Pace University,
where she studied media communications and fine art, Jessica has spent much
of her career in Boston where
she currently works as a
creative manager with one of Boston's premier production companies. Jessica also
works with NBC Sports at
the Olympic Games. In her
spare time, she spends her excess creative energy taking
classes in the arts, volunteering
at the local community theatre
with set design, woodworking,
designing tiles and playing
the voice of 'DOT.'


John Strawn, Exec. Producer
at Common Era Films, is setting the foundation of becoming
America's next great cinema
producer and is currently producing upcoming titles
including "Unsung Heroes", "Dream of Me", "Pan-America" and "Beats and Bars - The Story of Louis Gray". John
founded The Beckler Company, Beckler Entertainment, the
Texas based entertainment
company specializing in
development, distribution and marketing for musicians and
filmmakers alike. After 4
years the company serves
artists in 4 countries and all
50 states. John holds a B.B.A
in business from the University
of Texas as Arlington and enjoys
writing and golf as a past time.

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